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MAXX Series

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  • MAXX Series photo
  • MAXX Series photo
  • MAXX Series photo
  • MAXX Series photo
Basic information
Basic information
Model No. DS200-4W
Use of Product Dental CAD/CAM Milling Machine
Size 500mm(W) X 680mm(D) X 712mm(H)
Weight 100kg
Other Specifications Spindle BLDC Motor 500W, 60,000rpm Cooling : Wet Embedded PC and AC servo motor
Sales Site http://www.maxxzone.net
Product Features

4-axis system specialized in prompt

  • Fast and precise milling of
    ceramic and composite ceramic

  • Specialized system prompt
    prosthesis materials

  • Compatible with many different
    types of blocks

  • Low vibration, mechanical
    rigidity and thermal stability resulting from granite base frame

  • Operation of multiple machines
    by MAXX LINK

  • Sister tool management for
    continuous operation

  • Automatic calibration

  • MAXX LINK for remote services,
    operation and training

  • CAM software with the most
    advanced performance

  • Tool error detecting sensor

Product Videos

Organization Information
Organization Information
Company Name Robots and Design Co., Ltd Department
Contact E-Mail maxx@rnd.re.krsend E-mail
Tel +82-31-708-2680 Fax +82-31-709-2681
Service Hours 9:00  ~  18:00 Site http://www.maxxzone.net

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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