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SILBOT photo

  • SILBOT photo
  • SILBOT photo
  • SILBOT photo
Basic information
Basic information
Model No. SILBOT-3
Use of Product Robotics Edu.
Size 480mm*520mm*1150mm(W*L*H)
Weight 30KG
Other Specifications ⋅Safe / Speedy/ Low-noise ⋅Human-like Expression & Motion Capture based Automatic motion-creation ⋅More than 30 types of the proven SW Components ⋅SDK for 3rd party developers provided ⋅Connectible to external devices
Sales Site http://robocare.co.kr
Product Features

Hardware Feature


Safety security function active and passive collision avoidance

- Shoulder joint equipped clutch mechanism

- Collision avoidance using ultrasonic and Xtion sensor Hardware Feature NEW


Natural human expression with 11DOF

- creation of robot motion using motion capture technology


High speed/High accuracy/Omni-directional mobile reducing noise

- Realization of pliant movement


Flexible interface connecting various & external smart devices for fuman-robot interaction

- Efficient support for service extension




Software Feature


Intelligent architecture for object-oriented progarmming

- New software components addition, easily extensible

Personalized avatar capable of emotion expression and lip-sync

- Just one image available to create your own avatar


Indoor environment and autonomous navigation technology

- Both of navigation and exploration is implemented with liw-cost sensor


Proven smart robot software component

- Various type of robot component


User-friendly software development enviroment

- Intuitive expression creationusing our own motion editor

- iRSP support based on VPL(Visual Programming Language) for beginner

- Complete compatibility with ROS

- SW component APIs for high-level developer

- 3D graphic simulator including human agent model

Product Videos

Organization Information
Organization Information
Company Name RoboCareCo., Ltd. Department
Contact Kim Chang-Gu E-Mail cgkim93@robocare.co.krsend E-mail
Tel +82 31-697-0600 Fax +82 31-697-0603
Service Hours 9:00  ~  18:00 Site http://robocare.co.kr

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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