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Basic information
Basic information
Model No. FURo-iHome /FURo-iSecure
Use of Product Tele-monitering, Surveillance, Education
Size 290mm(W)× 290mm(D)× 290mm(H)
Weight 3 kg
Sales Site http://wwww.myfuro.com
Product Features



FURO-i Home is a smart home service robot that allows user to control all home appliances. Furo-i Home provides numerous services related to daily care, security, entertainment and telepresence using a tablet PC connected to a wireless communication.


Home View

Use "view home" mode to have a look around your house.

Watch your child asleep or your puppy.


Family Chat

Use "Family Chat" mode to talk to your family in remote locations.

Not only see their faces but also control the robot to move around.


Family Planner

Use "Family planner" mode to help you maintain your daily schedules such as set up a robot alarm, remind yourself to take medication on time.


Home Control

Use "Auto Home" mode to control your home devices using a Smartphone outside home. For example, turn on or off the lights, music, tv, and many other electronics no matter where you are.

Product Videos
No Video
Organization Informaion
Organization Informaion
Company Name Future Robot Department Sales
Contact Ingu, Kang E-Mail ingukang@futurerobot.co.krsend E-mail
Tel + 82 31-252-6860 Fax + 82 31-252-6865
Service Hours 8:30  ~  17:30 Site http://www.futurerobot.com

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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