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Trunk Stability Robot Balance Trainer

Basic information
Model No. 3DBT-33
Use of Product Rehabilitation training
Size 605mm(W)× 1,390mm(L)× 1,335mm(H)
Weight 155 kg
Other Specifications Max. weight of patient allowed : 120kg
Sales Site http://www.manntel.com

Trunk Stability Robot Balance Trainer

Product Features

Convergence of IT and medical know-how

Therapeutic exercise apparatus for stroke and hemiplegic patient with lower extremity

Rehabilitation training equipment for trunk stability and lower extremity.

Apparatus for balance measurement and assessment

5 different trainings weight shift training(sit position), back & forth and left & right

weight shift training, cross- weight shift training, sit to stand up training, weight shift

training(standing position)

Doing rehabilitation training pleasantly through game

Training machine supported by the robot arm and robot chair.

Real time Bio-Feeback of exercise status.

Identifying the improvement status by means of accumulated data.

Permitted product name : Compound medical equipment(mobility test and assessment equipment, motor operated function recovery training equipment)

Product Videos
No Video
Organization Informaion
Organization Informaion
Company Name Man&Tel Co., Ltd. Department
Contact S.R. Kihl E-Mail srkihl@manntel.comsend E-mail
Tel +82-54-444-2377 Fax +82-54-444-2379
Service Hours 9:00  ~  18:00 Site http://258 Saneop-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk,730-925 Republic of Korea

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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