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Autonomous Flight Robot

Autonomous Flight Robot photo

  • Autonomous Flight Robot photo
  • Autonomous Flight Robot photo
Basic information
Basic information
Use of Product Surveillance Patrol
Size 1160mm(W)× 1160mm(D)× 510mm(H)
Weight 7kg
Sales Site http://www.nesnt.com
Product Features

Unmanned surveillance and flight robot of NES&TEC Co., Ltd. is in a high-tech area requiring advanced technologies and can be directly utilized for monitoring of power transmission/distribution lines, fires and disasters, checking of construction progress, areal surveillance, normal military/police operations, etc. In addition, as it is developed as a small lightweight system considering characteristics of military operations, it can be utilized for defense applications.

● Performance

▪ Payload: 1.5kg (max 3kg)

▪ Gimbal: 2 axis Gimbal (Camera Option)

▪ Engine: Electric Motor

▪ Operation Radius: 1~4km

▪ Operation Speed: 30km/h

▪ Operation Elevation: 0~500m

▪ Operation Wind Speed: 10m/s

● Features

▪ Plug structure (Fast disassembly of main body, arms, gimbal and skids allows good mobility.)

▪ Automatic navigation, vertical takeoff and landing

▪ Real time image checking and transmission

▪ Map-based automatic route point flight

▪ GPS-based Operation

▪ Remote control using LTE network

▪ Automatic return to the takeoff point (urgent situations, lost of communication)

Product Videos
No Video
Organization Information
Organization Information
Company Name NES&TEC Co., Ltd. Department
Contact Lee Hyeon-Gyeong / Researcher E-Mail nes@nesnt.comsend E-mail
Tel +82 42-932-8086 Fax
Service Hours 09:00  ~  18:00 Site http://www.nesnt.com

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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