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Plant Growth Management Robot System

Plant Growth Management Robot System photo

  • Plant Growth Management Robot System photo
  • Plant Growth Management Robot System photo
  • Plant Growth Management Robot System photo
  • Plant Growth Management Robot System photo
Basic information
Basic information
Model No.
Use of Product Automatic Plant Factory Management System
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Sales Site http://famacs.co.kr
Product Features

Configuration of Plant Factory Automation System

◦ It consists of driving module to feed configuration tray, environmental sensing module to control environments, vision module to monitor growth and main computer module.
◦ Driving Module: Being responsible for correct position control of tray movement such as entrance of trays with plants, selection and storage of growing position, outgoing for harvest, etc.
◦ Environmental Sensing Module: Consisting of several temperature, humidity, light and CO2 sensors within cultivation room and being responsible for environmental monitoring and control
◦ Vision Module: A monitoring system installed on a shuttle of the robot to allow video monitoring of growing level from all directions including upper, lower, front end, rear end, left and right from an office
◦ Main Computer Module
 - A main control system which gathers information of driving module, environmental module and vision module, is responsible for all controls in the room according to daily work order.

Features of Plant Factory Automation System
◦ To realize mass production with minimum labor
◦ Production all the year round with environmental control automation
◦ To product eco-friendly agricultural products with a space shield from outdoor

Applications and Examples
◦ Every Plant Factories with a systemized growing method to be applicable such as ginseng water culture system, mushroom culture automation system, etc. Now several domestic large farms are operating the mushroom management automation system that is constantly supplied.
◦ The above system shows a ginseng water culture plant factory, and our company has no cultivation technique.

Product Videos

Configuration and characteristics of the plant factory automation systems
Organization Information
Organization Information
Company Name Famecs Co., Ltd. Department
Contact Moon Maeing-Deok/Assit Head of Sales Dept. E-Mail mmd@famecs.co.krsend E-mail
Tel +82 55-388-8490 Fax +82 55-388-8496
Service Hours 09:00  ~  18:00 Site http://famacs.co.kr

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