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Basic information
Basic information
Model No. BR14-BIMOS-1
Use of Product Flight Smulator
Size 1970mm(W)× 1800mm(D)× 1900mm(H)
Weight 800 kg
Sales Site http://www.baro-tech.co.kr
Product Features

1. Control loading system of the flight simulator is an equipment to reproduce the same control strength and feeling as the reality, by
    1. obtaining flight test data of flight control characteristics of the actual airplanes,
    2. analyzing flight dynamics according to configuration of the airplanes,
    3. then modeling airplane flight control with a numerical analysis
    4. and using high accuracy Servo Actuator.

- Core of the control loading system is ‘to make a Force Feedback type low friction, high accuracy Direct Drive Actuator’
    1. with no frictional force and free space
    2. available for fast accurate control
- Accordingly, we have developed a BIMOS by applying C L S, Control Loading System with 3 Ch or more of Force Feedback type low friction, high accuracy Direct Drive Actuators.

2. Features of DD Actuator
● High Efficiency
   - To minimize frictional loss (reducer, etc.)
● Low Noise
   - Simple structure with less contracts than the conventional one
   - Reduced parts causing contact or vibration: reduced noise
● Long Life and High Reliability
   - Reduced frequency of checks or changes and low fault frequency due to reduced moving mechanical parts

3. Features of BIMOS Products with DD Actuator applied
● Applying the same control loading system (CLS) as expensive simulators
● Applying compact shaped cockpit and optimized Motion System
● Wide Field of View using 3Ch Display
● To open Host Dynamics Source Code to be directly programmed by the users
● Optional functions to be diversely selected depending on uses of the users (5 kinds)



Product Videos

An actuator to directly connect and drive load equipment without using any reducer or belt, etc.

Organization Informaion
Organization Informaion
Company Name BARO Tech Synergy Co., Ltd. Department
Contact Goo Chil-Hyo E-Mail kch975@empas.comsend E-mail
Tel +82 63-212-9075 Fax +82 63-212-9071
Service Hours 09:00  ~  17:30 Site http://www.baro-tech.co.kr

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