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Basic information
Basic information
Model No. YER-RS001-Y1
Use of Product English Education Robot
Size 450mm(W)× 450mm(D)× 1,100mm(H)
Weight 45kg
Other Specifications Contact response, obstacle sensing, sound source recognition, image recognition, RFID recognition
Sales Site http://www.yujinrobot.com
Product Features

• Smart Classroom System: IT convergence multisensory expericing classroom of robot, electronic bulletin board, TV, PC, etc.

• Robot TPR Teaching Method: To implement a learner language robot such as Total Physical Response Approach, robot-learner interaction, etc.

• TELE-PRESENCE Education: Realistic video education to substitute native speaker teacher through a robot

• English education contents, regular elementary school course and 90 hour after-school education programs of primary/middle/high class

• Interaction Education Materials: Utilizing object recognition magic hat & picture card, RFID magic bracelet, motion recognition Wimocon

Product Videos

Meeting of sensibility, intelligence and HRI-Robosam Robot english becomes active.
Organization Information
Organization Information
Company Name Yujin Robot Co., Ltd. Department
Contact Yu Yeon-Hee/Manager E-Mail yhyou@yujinrobot.comsend E-mail
Tel +82 70-4657-7053 Fax +82 2-2104-0450
Service Hours 09:00  ~  18:00 Site http://www.yujinrobot.com

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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