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About This Site

This page is to browse and show the robot products that has been selected and supported by the program called ‘Robot Pilot Program for Market Creation’ initiated by Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA).

“Robot Pilot Program for Market Creation” is series of projects linking developed robot products to actual demands by building test-bed and verifying market adaptability.

The begin of the project was to create a market for the suppliers who already had a product (finished R&D) but could not find a way to sell it to end-users. In order to commercialize robot products, Korean Government supported robot companies with fund to created test-beds, find demands and nurture the marketing ability of SMEs.

KIRIA has been commissioned by Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy(MOTIE) from 2011 to carry the project. The robots displayed in this page are categorized into 8 sectors displaying 46 products.